Malacca Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur

Malacca day tour from Kuala Lumpur brings you to the one of famous World Heritage City in Malaysia. Malacca was crowned as World Heritage Site in 2008. All the historic sites during Malacca day tour covering most of World Heritage Site list by UNESCO. Besides visiting the ancient Temple and Church, a fun and educational activity such as enjoying the scenery of Malacca River by Boat and visiting Baba and Nyonya Museum was planned to deliver the best experience for tourist without hassle overnight in Malacca. The main goal during your trip to Malacca to showcase the uniqueness of Malacca City as World Heritage City.


Malacca Day Tour Program Summary

  • Tour status: Private Tour/ Semi private if you willing others couple or single traveler join the tour
  • Pick-up Time on Weekday: 0745am
  • Pick-up Time on Weekend: 0730am
  • Pick-up Point: Your respective Hotel
  • Drop-off Point: Your respective Hotel
  • Tour Duration: Estimated 9 hours including travel time

List of World Heritage Site

  1. Saint Peter Church
  2. Saint Francis Xavier Church (drive pass)
  3. Porta de Santiago
  4. Saint Paul Church
  5. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  6. Kampung Hulu Mosque (drive pass)
  7. China Town Malacca covering Jonker Street, Harmony Street and millionaire Row
  8. Stadhuys – photo stop only due its closed for renovation until 16 February, 2014

Others Site and Activity

  1. Malacca River Cruise
  2. Maritime Museum
  3. Replica of Sultan Malacca Palace also know as Culture Museum
  4. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum Malacca*
  5. Strait Malacca Mosque – photo stop

* Fully guided tour is available


Malacca Day Tour – Program Highlight

To maintain the quality of the tour, our Malacca day tour program did not covering any Chinese cemetery or Portuguese settlement. Instead, we spend time to visit a few Museum for tourist to understand the culture and multi ethnic people.

malacca day tourThe first World Heritage sites we visit during Malacca day tour from Kuala Lumpur is Saint Peter Church Malacca. The Church is had a reputation as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia. Fully completed in 1710, Saint Peter Church was built by Portuguese missionaries with the assistance by Dutch people after 69 years Portuguese people in Malacca under execution. The land was donated by Dutch gentlemen named, Maryber Franz Amboer who became a Catholic. Saint Peter Church Malacca the only church in Malaysia had a life size alabaster statue of Jesus Christ before resurrection.

malacca day tour from kuala lumpurMalacca River cruise is the main highlight things to do in Malacca. The 45 minutes river cruise along Malacca river will bring tourist the one of the most prestigious Port in the world for 300 years. During ancient time, this river is the place where traders from all over the world did a trading. Today Malacca River Cruise is the best scenic river view in Malaysia. The boat which ply up and down the river covering six old bridge, Morten Malay traditional village, Mosque, Church and also old building decorated with mural painting. Pre recorded information about the historic and attractions site along Malacca River will be play during the cruise.

day tour to malacca from kuala lumpurMaritime Museum consist three section houses some historical materials used by sailors in the ancient world. The museum is built base on the actual design of the Portuguese ships from class Fur de Lama (flowers of the seas) that sank in the Malacca Strait during the journey to bring home the loot. Among the loot are Gems, gold nuggets, silk, perfumes, and 200 brass cannons. The objective of this Museum to showcase the important Malacca as international trade port during Malacca Sultanate, Portuguese and Dutch era.

malacca day tour from kuala lumpurTo defend themselves from the constant attacks of the Sultan of Malacca to recapture Malacca. Portuguese had to build a fortress around Saint Paul’s Hill, the fort was known as A Famosa which means The Famous in Portuguese. But, the fortress not able to defend the Malacca fell to the Dutch in 1641. During the Dutch occupation of Malacca in 1641, the fortress was badly damage. Dutch add height and thickness of the fortress when they rebuilt the fortress. When the British occupied Malacca in 1795, they are reluctant to return the Malacca to the Dutch because they fear a threat to the British in Penang. In 1807, Captain William Farquhar ordered A Famosa fortress to be demolished.

malacca day tourOur Malacca day tour program continued by visiting a museum that also was built base on the actual design of Sultan Palaces known as Culture Museum. The Museum building was built based on designs Palace of Sultan Mansur Shah who ruled Malacca from 1456 to 1477. Built in 1984, this building structure is built using hardwood and does not use any nails. The main purpose of this Museum is to preserve original architectural Malay Sultanate era. In addition to preserving the Malacca Malay Cultures heritage that became part of Malay peoples’ culture in Malaysia.

malacca day tour from kuala lumpurNext stop is St Paul Church Malacca, situated at the highest point in Malacca city. Saint Paul Church originally just a small chapel built by Duarte Coelho in 1521. The original name of St Paul Church is the Church of our Lady of the Hill. The Church was built mainly using a Laterite and Mortar stone dedicated to the Virgin Mary also known as the Nossa Senhora da Annunciada. In 1548, the Church was handed over to Jesus of Society under administration St Francis Xavier. When the Dutch took over Malacca from Portuguese they renamed the Church as Saint Paul Church.

kampung kling mosqueBefore lunch, the Malacca day tour continues by roaming along Jalan Tukang Besi or Harmony Street. They called it Harmony Street because few Indian and Chinese Temple with Masjid (Mosque) Kampung Kling located side by side on the same street. Most of the Temple and Mosque here was using a concrete during the Dutch era. Masjid Kampung Kling was built in 1748, this mosque architecture is influenced by a Sumatran, Chinese and Indian . This influence can be seen in pagoda shaped tower. Originally the structure of the mosque was built using timber until the year 1872 Mosque structure is built using bricks.

malacca-day-tour-from-kuala-lumpurNext destination, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. Built in 1645, the temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is combination three doctrine Taoist, Confucius and Buddhist.  During ancient time Temple not only use for the place of worship but also for a place to resolve disputes between Chinese community. All the dispute will be handled by Kapitan. Taoist doctrine is dominant the element of the construction where the Eight Immortal status decorated the main halls and the roof of the temple.

malacca-day-tourAfter lunch, we continue our Malacca day tour itinerary program by visiting Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum. Baba and Nyonya are second generation Strait born Chinese or Peranakan intermarried with the local people.Established in 1985, Baba and Nyonya Museum is living testimony about Baba and Nyonya rich heritage and main objective is to showcase the actual lifestyle of Baba and Nyonya community in Malacca. This is guided tour, we need to be there on specific time. Tour duration within 35 – 45 minutes.

dutch square malaccaStadhuys, Victory Fountain and Christ Church – all this Heritage site situated at Dutch Square. Stadhuys was built-in 1650 by the Dutch. Stadhuys also well-known as Red Building trademark is served as the Official Residence of its Governors and administrative center. The Victoria Fountain by people of Malacca in 1904 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

malacca day tourChina Town Malacca – previously the street is well-known for Antique shop. Today, the souvenir shop and restaurants, slowly took over the street replacing the antique shop. However the street architecture still maintains as what we saw 120 years ago. Most of the shop on Jonker street was built-in late 1800s.


Lastly, before we end Malacca day tour we stop at the Strait Malacca Mosque for photo stop.

End of Malacca Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur Itinerary


Malacca Day Tour – Pricing

Adult Prices in Malaysian Ringgit
1 Person 2 People 3 – 5 People
RM465 per-person RM260 per-person from RM185 per-person
Children Prices in Malaysian Ringgit
Infant – 2 years 3 – 11 years 12 years and above
Free RM100 per-children refer to adult Prices
surcharge RM100 if you have 2 Children below 3 years travel together


  1. Malacca River Cruise Entrance
  2. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum Entrance
  3. Culture Museum Entrance
  4. All Transportation Charges
  5. Free WiFi on selected Vehicle
NOT Inclusive
  1. Lunch
  2. Personal Expenses
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Entrance Ticket Not Related to Tour Program

Things To Bring During The Tour

  1. A good walking shoes
  2. Sun block lotion
  3. Hat or Cap

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